Acupuncture Treatment Options

Acupuncture - ACC Treatment

Treatment set according to diagnosis given when injured and issued with an ACC number. 

Valid ACC number essential. 

Acupuncture can be used to increase the blood supply to and around an injured area, thus activating white blood cell release and hasten repair. 

Motor point and trigger point Acupuncture can be selected to relax a tight muscle/ group. 
Electrostimulation may be selected as it is an effective tool to boost blood circulation around tendon sites injuries (discuss with therapist if of interest).

First consultation 60 minutes, time may vary for following treatments. 

$ 10

Acupuncture - Initial consultation

A longer consultation allows time to discuss your treatment goals and any major complaints that are concerning you.

Treatment can cover internal conditions or musculoskeletal complaints. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture or Sports Motor Point therapy selected as appropriate. Clinical questioning, muscle tests and/ or range of motion assessments may be used. This information provides the direction for the treatment plan to follow.  

Treatment may include the use of Acupuncture, heat therapy, massage techniques, fire cupping or electrostimulation as required. 

70 minute consultation.

$ 80

Acupuncture – Follow up

Treatment price for follow up consultations. Initial Consultation gives additional time to discuss the major complaint, follow up sends further time of treatment approach. 

Treatment to follow and may include Acupuncture, heat therapy, massage techniques, electrostimulation, as required.


60 minute consultation 

$ 70

Relaxation Acupuncture

A minimalist Acupuncture approach, using fine needle work and mild stimulation to relax your body and mind. 

Heat therapy may be used if appropriate.

Followed by a shoulder/ neck and head massage. 

60 minute treatment. 

$ 70