Cupping Therapy

Traditional Cupping Therapy uses fire to heat the air inside glass cups, this creates suction so that the cups can be placed over areas of tight muscle and skin.

(There is NO heat contact to your body and this is a safe and enjoyable practice)


This treatment improves blood circulation around tight tissue, and separates the muscle, myofascial and skin layers to improve the circulation of blood around the dysfunctional tissues. 

Warm coconut oil is applied to the skin to enhance the adhesion of the cups, then the choice of cupping method to best met your requirements is selected;

Stationary Cupping treatment is similar to a deep tissue treatment that gives strong sensation to specific tight muscles/ groups. 

Mobile Cupping is a more gentle approach that improves circulation to larger areas of tissue by working along the length of the muscle fiber. 

Combining these two methods is possible. Please speak to your therapist about your needs and preferences. 

Traditionally this therapy is also applicable for people in the early stages of a cold. Traditional Chinese Medicine associates the lung and skin relationship and this technique is recommended to clear the skin/ lung to support the immune response in expelling a pathogen. 

45 minute treatment

$ 55